Pulse Jet Vacuum Cleaner

Pulse Jet Vacuum Cleaner

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Dynavac Hydra-Auto Series Industrial Heavy Duty Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners are fitted with an automatic filter cleaning mechanism. A pulsejet of compressed air is periodically released against the filter to keep it from clogging and thus running at maximum efficiency. A compressed air inlet has to be provided by the end user.

Also the Upgraded version of this model is developed with the added features and advanced design from Dynavac is that It has a  in-built single piston cylinder 0.2 HP compressor which provides the pulse of compressed air required for automatic filter cleaning. There is no requirement for an external source of compressed air.


Wet & Dry application

Micro filtration system:

       a. Cyclone Filter.
       b. Reusable cloth filter
       c. Advanced micro cartridge filter
       d. Mesh filter

  • Manual filter shaker to clean reusable cloth filter 
  • Heavy duty continuous operation 
  • Wide range of nozzles 
  • Easy to operate and Handle 
  • High Vacuum 
  • Strong wheels for movement over rough industrial floors 
  • Maintenance free blower 
  • Single phase, phase sequence & over load protection 
  • Additional waste storage tank 
  • Brake wheels 
  • Vacuum gauge  
  • Multi suction point where applicable 
  • Stainless steel collection tank 

Technical  Specifications: 

Technical Specification for Hydra STD, Hydra ML & Hydra PJ


 Hydra Series Power (kw)  Maximum Vacuum  (mm H2O)   Airflow(m3/Hr)  Collection Capacity(liters)  Filter Efficiency Dimension    L X B X H(m) Weight (kg)
 Hydra 3.0 3.003000 318 80  M 0.8x0.65x1.80 117
 Hydra 5.04.00  3000420  80 0.8x0.65x1.80119 
Hydra 5 4.00 2050490 80 1.2x0.65x1.45  195
Hydra 7.0  5.50 3750 510 80  M  1.2x0.65x1.45  220
 Hydra 7 5.50   2300  70080   M  1.2x0.65x1.45 225