Food Grade Vacuum Cleaner

Food Grade Vacuum Cleaner

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Dynavac Industrial Heavy Duty Food Grade Vacuum Cleaner are made for use in production facilities where the unstable hazardous material may be used. The Nova SS series are specifically designed to pick up dry hazardous dust Hydra SS series are specifically designed to pick up# wet dry food dust..

  • Heavy duty continuous operation
  • Large volume wastes storage tank
  • Design developed so they can be attached to process machines or for general cleanup
  • Continuous duty 3-phase Food Grade motor (EX-D Class, Zone 1A-2A)
  • Dry and Wet Dry use depending on the model
  • Stainless steel construction (Optional)
  • Unit has a small footprint and can be easily maneuvered
  • Food Grade push button starter (FCG)
  • Fire resistant polyfab cable


Technical Specification:



Model Power (kw) Maximum Vacuum (mm H2O) Airflow(m3/Hr) Collection Capacity(liters) Filter Efficiency Dimension
L X B X H(m)
Weight (kg)
Nova 5 4 2050 490 80 M 1.20x0.6x1.20
Nova 7 5.5 2300 700 180 M 1.40x0.7x1.20
Hydra 5 4 2050 490 80 M 1.2x0.65x1.45

      Hydra 7


5.5 2300 700 80 M 1.2x0.65x1.45 225